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Your deli department: an irresistible showpiece

Pleasing the five senses

That's what it's all about when customers enter a supermarket. Your deli department should therefore provide a true food experience.
Fri-Jado understands and embraces this idea. We help you to create maximum attraction and boost your sales through superior preparation, irresistible presentation and exceptional holding. At the same time, you enjoy optimized total cost of ownership with our equipment.

True front cooking

True front cooking means that the cooking process happens right in front of the customer, without any obstacles that limit visibility. Our rotisseries have been designed for this purpose. The Custom Counter range also offers various opportunities for front cooking and preparation.

Standard or custom

Our merchandising range is based on standard models with optional accessories. When it comes to presenting and holding your products, we offer standard models as well as custom solutions that can be tailored to your store.

Technology that works

Downtime means lost sales, and lost sales means lower profits and a damaged reputation. Our equipment is based on proven technology that works, each and every time. With our equipment, operational stops are something from the past.

Our product range for supermarkets


4, 5 and 8-spits, programmable and manual, electric and gas rotisseries

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Auto-clean rotisseries

TDR 8 auto-clean, Multisserie

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Grab-and-go display warmers

Heated 3/4/5 level Multi Deck, Space Saver, Hot Island

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Inline deli counters

Deli Merchandisers, Custom Counter

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Inline convenience counters

Modular Counter

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“At Fri-Jado, we enrich supermarket environments with the ultimate food experience. We realize that high-quality technology with the lowest total cost of ownership is just a tool.”

Custom Counter in the news

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Supermarket showcases

Fri-Jado's cooking and merchandising equipment is used by leading supermarket chains all over the world. Slide this image for a number of examples.


Do you need technical support?

Please find the installation and user manuals of our products in our support section.