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The secret of Fri-Jado technology revealed: part I

Longer shelf-lives and more weight preservation in Hot and Cold? The secret of Fri-Jado technology revealed. Part 1: COLD

Cold plate technology the best way to preserve delicate cold products? Sorry, but please think again.

Let’s face it, it is not easy to keep delicate products at 3M0 conditions (between -1 & +4°C), without using doors and without fast blowing, energy-consuming fans that cause the products to dehydrate. So, at Fri-Jado we knew, that tackling this challenge would give us a great proposition. Especially in combination with our world-famous Hot technology. Luckily, we had about 85 years of experience in handling, developing and producing all kinds of Cold solutions too…

Unfortunately, retailers have been ‘spammed’ with the idea that the only way to present and preserve premium meat and fish products is, by placing them directly on a cold plate. Result: not so energy efficient, no possibility to stack high and above all, quite costly. So, fortunately, times have changed.

After 3 years of development, field tests and finetuning, Fri-Jado was happy to say in 2016 that we managed to successfully prove that it is not only possible to present delicate products without a cold plate, but also that the ‘market-standard’ can dramatically be improved in terms of energy-efficiency and stacking height.

OmniCold refrigeration

The secret of creating delicate cold holding conditions lies in the OmniCold refrigeration technology: a subtle balance between evaporation and mild airflow. We start with a huge evaporator with very small fin-distances (so, a large cold surface). Then, a waterproof DC fan on every 25 cm delicately moves the refrigerated air (using an evaporation temperature of only -6°C) trough a carefully designed air outlet grill at only 0,2m/s. The air then continues to flow not only over and under the products, but also through the interior decks, catching the product in a cold blanket. That, supported with state-of-the-art insulation and triple pane glass, keeps the cold where it should be: inside the counter, at 3M0 holding conditions (-1 - 4°C product temperatures).

A great benefit of the OmniCold technology is that it creates high load-lines (up to 25 cm) and allows food to be presented in odd-shaped bowls and dishes. All, while keeping the energy usage and dehydration to an absolute minimum.

Ultrasonic Humidification creates 5% more profit

When an ultrasonic humidification system is added, the products will be preserved in a humid climate, keeping them from losing weight. This is how weight loss will be reduced to <1% per 24 hours. In standard counters, food products will lose about 4-5% of their weight. Simply Concluded: Fri-Jado Fresh Cold counters, provide a higher quality presentation and up to 5% more net profit per 24 hours

After its introduction 3 years ago, Fri-Jado Custom Counter was repeatedly and successfully installed at premium deli departments all over the world, on the exact spot where Foodservice meets Food Retail. In the run-up towards the HOST Milan (18-22 Oct 2019) we will unveil added value information about the Custom Counter for everyone who likes to read it. Visit us @Host: Hall 4, booth C46-D45. 
Watch the custom counter video here.