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Wing it again! How to reopen with a peace of mind?

Open hot wing bars are a no go from now on. How to reopen? 
We can assume that open food bars are a no go from now on. How can you reduce touchpoints, minimize open food exposure and still provide your customers with the best, warm, safe and tasty hot chicken wings? As the whole world is trying to find their way into the new normal, you are probably trying to figure out how to reopen with confidence. Let us introduce you to our in-store impulse generating merchandiser!

NO TOUCH Grab ‘n Go

A completely self-serve heated, 2-level hot island, or a 3-level Modular Convenience Counter back to back, with a 360 degrees view that will definitely boost your impulse sales completely safe!

Clear product view

Large glass side panels and ceiling provide a full 360-degree product view. The appealing transparent design of these grab-and-go display warmers create an attractive product presentation that is sure to boost impulse sales. Endless possibilities and flexibility, can be positioned anywhere in the store - ideal for chicken wings, panini, pies, pastries, soups, hot rolls, wraps and many more!

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The merchandisers that truly keeps your products warm & safe

The unique Hot Blanket holding technology controls food safety. Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates over the shelf surface. Your products are completely surrounded by a blanket of hot air, ensuring an even holding temperature. Hot products stay warm at 65°C for at least 4 hours, while retaining superior product quality. As the air temperature is above 75°C your products remain free from pathogens, due to the blocking air curtain on each shelf.

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The Hot Island and MCC are ready for the new normal!

  • Suitable for individually packed and portioned food
  • Protective air curtain creates a barrier against pathogens
  • 99,9% of pathogens inactivated within minutes at 75⁰C
  • Restocking made easy and hygienic
  • For snacking & Home meal replacement
  • Portable boxes convert directly into quick “Grab & Go” sales
  • Food safety controlled by patented airflow technology
  • No doors, no barriers, touchless for your customer

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