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TDR auto-clean: for a spotless rotisserie

TDR auto-clean

  • Easy-to-use: automatic cleaning
  • Even accessories are cleaned
  • Low water consumption
  • No door seals that need frequent replacement
  • Controls with intelligent settings
  • 250 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program
  • Efficient heat transfer reduces energy consumption
  • Cook correction saves 5% on energy consumption and controls food safety

Benefit from the automatic cleaning program of the TDR auto-clean rotisserie. It will save you at least one hour of labour every day as cleaning the rotisserie's cavity and its accessories belong to the past. Cleaning can be done overnight, boosting operator productivity. It enables the operator to spend his valuable time on what's most important: serving customers.


Low water consumption and hygenic fat collection

The TDR auto-clean has a surprisingly low water consumption; less than 25 litres per cleaning cycle. Both the cavity and the rotor with accessories will be cleaned during the cleaning process. Operators do not have to hassle with liquid detergents for which personal protection is sometimes needed. You can apply cleaning tablets to the TDR auto-clean which are safe to use for any operator. Fat is separated from the water and collected avoiding blocked drains.

Same advantages as an original rotisserie

With its compact dimensions the TDR auto-clean is likely to fit your store. The TDR auto-clean has an open cavity, no door seals are applied. The cavity is fed with fresh air cooking a rotisserie chicken as it is meant to be: crispy and delicious while maintaining an attractive appearance for hours. All this while exhibiting the aesthetically striking traits that typify a Fri-Jado rotisserie.

The TDR rotisseries are the fastest original rotisseries in the industry. The TDR auto-clean has an 8-spit capacity. It features intelligent controls; 250 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program. Moreover, the TDR auto-clean features Cook Correction Technology. This technology counters alterations in the cooking cycle automatically ensuring energy efficient cooking and product consistency.

“For a spotless rotisserie”

TDR 8 auto-clean

Auto-clean rotisserie with 8 meat fork or V-spit positions or 7 basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 40 chickens. If desired the TDR 8 can be placed on a stand.

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