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Practical and compact: Fri-Jado’s Basic Convection

Basic Convection programmable

  • Convection oven for all sorts of bakery products
  • Programmable controls
  • Consistent, even preparation
  • Auto-reverse fan system
  • Steam injection

The features of the Fri-Jado Basic Convection oven are as simple as they are effective. The oven includes five tray positions, brilliant halogen lighting, automatic cooldown, a clear display and rounded corners in the oven chamber for easy cleaning.

Evenly prepared products

The Basic Convection is equipped with a large fan that alternates between two rotation directions, achieving optimum airflow in the oven chamber. This ensures that all your products are evenly prepared with consistently perfect results, both on the inside and outside.

Simple to use

The Basic convection oven features programmable controls. It can memorize 25 programs with up to three preparation steps per program. You can set the time, temperature and steam mode. It's easy!

“An optimal result for all sorts of bakery products”

Basic Convection 5 Programmable

The Basic Convection oven distributes heat evenly, ensuring that your products are perfectly prepared. 

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Basic Convection 5+5

For double output on a single spot, stack the Basic Convection 5 Programmable.

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