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Boost your impulse sales with a 360-degree product view

Hot Island 2-level

  • Self serve heated island merchandiser, 2-level
  • 360-degree product view
  • Innovative airflow technology: consistent holding temperature
  • Boosts impulse sales
  • Changeable price strips on each shelf
  • Safety lighting on each level
  • Side windows can be opened for easy cleaning

Placing impulse food products near checkouts has proven to be a successful strategy in today’s grab-and-go market. With the Fri-Jado Hot Island display warmer, your customers can pick up delicious, hot, pre-packaged snacks and meal solutions practically anywhere in the store.


Clear product view

Large glass side panels and ceiling provide a full 360-degree product view. The appealing transparent design of this grab-and-go display warmer creates an outstanding product presentation, which is sure to boost impulse sales.

Easy operator access

The side windows of the Hot Island can be opened for easy operator access during cleaning.

Products stay hot

The Hot Island has a unique airflow technology. Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates within the shelf surface, resulting in optimum air circulation around the hot product. 

“All eyes on your hot food-to-go products with the Hot Island display warmer”

Hot Island 120 - 2 level

Heated grab-and-go display warmer with 2x 2 presentation levels.

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