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Multi Deck, the in-store impulse generating merchandiser

Hot Blanket holding technology keeps your products warm and safe: Eliminates pathogens

The Multi Deck’s patented, proven Hot Blanket holding technology controls food safety. Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates over the shelf surface. Your products are completely surrounded by a blanket of hot air, ensuring an even holding temperature. Hot products stay warm at 65°C for at least 4 hours, while retaining superior product quality. As the air temperature is above 75°C your products remain free from pathogens, due to the blocking air curtain on each shelf.  

Multi Deck Premium 3-level

  • Self serve heated Multi Deck display, 60/100/120 cm wide
  • Attractive presentation that boosts impulse sales
  • Patented Hot Blanket holding technology keeps products warm
  • Customizable price strips
  • Illuminated, customizable top banner
  • Safety lighting on each level

Selling hot food from a self serve merchandiser is a great way to increase your sales and margins. The Fri-Jado heated 3-level Multi Deck triggers your customers to pick up hot grab-and-go products in a quick and convenient way, anywhere in the store. And thanks to its upright design, it only uses limited floor space. 


Clear product view

Large, transparent side panels provide a 180-degree product view. The appealing design creates an attractive product presentation, which is sure to boost impulse sales.

Thanks to its limited height, the Multi Deck 3-level can easily be used at an aisle end or integrated in your deli department without blocking your customer's view. For easy operator access, a pass-through version with flap doors on the operator side is available.

“From a small shop to a large supermarket: any store can benefit from the Multi Deck.”

Multi Deck Premium 3-level

Heated grab-and-go display warmer with 3 presentation levels and a width of 60, 100 or 120 cm.

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Multi Deck Premium Eyeline 3-level

Heated grab-and-go eye-level display warmer with 3 presentation levels and a width of 60, 100 or 120 cm.

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