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Keep it fresh, and keep it ice cold

Custom Counter IceCold

More flexibility: smart customizable design that connects all hot and cold food groups
More freshness: superior holding conditions
More profit: boosts sales, lowest TCO, durable technology

Custom Counter IceCold

Keep it fresh, and keep it ice cold. Designed for product presentation on crushed ice, the IceCold full serve model is the ultimate choice for fresh products such as fresh fish.

The dehydration challenge
Dehydration is a common issue when presenting fresh unpacked products such as fresh fish. Our optional time-based misting system has been designed to tackle this. Achieve superior preservation and presentation by preventing dehydration and creating a wet surface look.

Custom Counter Configurator
Designing a tailor-made counter is easier than ever before with our Custom Counter Configurator. The Fri-Jado team is ready to assist you in configuring your perfect counter by using this tool. The configurator creates a counter that meets your exact needs and visualizes what this could look like in a 3D image.


OmniCold refrigeration system: products are surrounded by a cold airflow from all sides, guaranteeing optimal product temperatures under all conditions whilst saving energy
Optional misting system (spray bar)
Easily removable chilled ice tubs (no scooping required)
Large customizable worktop (11")
Integral or remote refrigeration
Modular and connectable with other Custom Counter models

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