Are you an end user in the Food Retail, Food-to-Go, Dining Out Restaurant or Catering segment? And do you want to save on energy consumption and costs? Look no further, we can help you with that. Because Fri-Jado products are energy efficient by design. Check out all energy saving features of Fri-Jado rotisseries and food displays below and take up the challenge. Start a free store trial with Fri-Jado equipment or claim your energy rebate straight away.

Energy saving features rotisseries

Ventless Hood

The optional ventless hood for Fri-Jado rotisseries eliminates the need for a costly central ventilation system. This system has the disadvantage of transporting your heating or cooling to the outside environment. Consequently, you’ll have to accept a large energy loss and much higher costs.

The ventless hood extracts smoke, fat and odors through a powerful filtration system. It recirculates air through five charcoal filters without affecting your climate control.

Calculation example: Cost savings with a Fri-Jado ventless hood

This example is based on the use of a central ventilation system with the same power consumption as the ventless hood (in reality, the ventilation system will use more power). Other assumptions:

  • extraction capacity of 5000 m3 per hour
  • 10 hours of operation per day
  • air conditioning requirement of 180 days per year
  • electricity cost of 0.37  Euro per kWh

This equates to an energy loss, due to extracted climatization, of 29,710 kWh per year and cost savings of up to 10,000 Euro when using a ventless hood. Year after year.

Energy saving features rotisseries

High Speed Double Loop Technology

The high speed convection in Fri-Jado rotisseries allows for a better and more efficient heat transfer onto the product. This results in a lower energy consumption. Whats more, double loop technology ensures an even distribution of this heat throughout the rotisserie, leading to shorter cooking times. You can cook a full batch in 45 minutes, or longer on lower temperatures, while saving up to 20% on energy. Tested and proven in store trials.

Energy saving features rotisseries

Eco Cooking

The Eco Cooking feature of Fri-Jado rotisseries uses residual heat in the last cooking phase to save up to 5% on your energy bill.  In this final stage, so much heat is left in the equipment, that you can finish cooking the product while the equipment is turned off. This happens automatically.

Grill time and temperature Cook Correction Fri-Jado
Energy saving features rotisseries

Cook Correction

Automatic adjustment of the cooking time when the rotisserie is not fully loaded, leads to shorter cooking times and savings on your energy consumption of up to 5%.

Energy savings Hot Self Serve Displays Fri-Jado
Energy saving features open hot food displays

Hot Blanket Technology

Energy efficient hot air recirculation per shelf helps you save up to 50% on energy in open self serve  displays. Day in, day out.

Energy saving features cold food displays

Best-in-market energy label C with OmniCold Technology

Equipped with premium OmniCold Technology, Fri-Jado’s cold full serve displays offer the unique combination of:

  • A high refrigeration performance
  • The best view of your food
  • Maximum energy efficiency

This has resulted in a best-in-market energy label C, which brings you an average saving on energy of up to 30% compared to other displays (with label D).

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