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Make the most of your rotisserie
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Accessories & Consumables auto-clean rotisseries

In addition to our professional TDR’s, discover a wide choice of our accessories to keep you, and your team working with the best possible grilling equipment!

A TDR auto-clean is a high-quality and complex device, in which more technology and parts are installed. You expect the highest dynamism and safety, in combination with increased comfort and other conveniences. To keep getting the very best results out of your TDR, all accessories need to have a perfect match. Often the devil lurks in the detail. Fri-Jado created a range of high quality compatible accessories to take your TDR to the next level!

Fri-Jado auto-clean rotisserie cleaner

Powerful improved formula

The new line of cleaners are developed to keep your rotisserie spotless clean day after day. The ProteClean is a two in one cartridge released in two stages. The first stage is an enzyme based product. Grease and proteins are broken down into water soluble, drain safe residues. Carbon build-up is eliminated in the second stage. The In Between Clean prevents contamination between cook cycles (such as fish and meat) while the RotiShine Descale makes your rotisserie looks like it's brand new.
Developed to deal with chicken and other protein residues
Leaves no chemical residus - Phosphate free
Eliminates carbon buid-up
Operator safe - no touch of chemicals
Simple and Effective

Ventless Hood

With the Fri-Jado rotisserie ventless hood, it is not necessary to spend time and money on installing a central ventilation system. You will save energy, as you will bring no disturbance to your store climate. Because the units are self-contained, you can position your TDR rotisserie anywhere in the store and create a front cooking situation. Our extraction hoods have an advanced filtration process which removes grease-laden vapor, odor and smoke.
Simple and effective
Easy to clean
Matching design with single or double stacked TDR auto-clean rotisseries
Cooking range accessories

Grill with your favorite accessories

Your TDR has endless possibilities; pork lion, chicken wings, meat loaf, pork belly, roast beef, porchetta, potatoes and vegetables. Whatever you grill, Fri-Jado's cooking accessories enable your TDR to perform at it's best and make your operator's life easier.
Perfect match with your TDR auto-clean
Designed for a wide range of endless grill possibilities
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