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Mouthwatering display

Hot Deli 3/4/5 Curved

Appetizing product presentation
Long holding time thanks to constant temperature and mild airflow
Available as drop-in version or with underframe
Product temperature maintained at 65°C

Hot Deli 3/4/5 Curved

The Hot Deli curved merchandisers are available in 3, 4 and 5 pan sizes. It can be built-in into existing counters or installed on a matching floor-mounted stand.

The Hot Deli Essential and Self-Serve are based on simplicity. All basic features are united in these cabinets without quality and finishing being compromised. These counters contain the perfect holding conditions to keep your products fresh.

The Hot Deli Premium is complete in functionality. It features independent upper radiant heat to control humidity over each GN-section. In order to ensure ideal holding conditions, humidification can be set at four different levels. The mild airflow enables you to hold and display the most versatile food products with different holding requirements.


Plug & play
Simple controls
Curved glass
Mirror-effect sliding doors on operator side
Presentation area width of 3, 4 or 5 GN-pans
Available in Premium, Essential and self serve
Optional underframe

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