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Boost your impulse sales with a 360-degree product view

Hot Island

Attractive presentation boost sales
120 cm wide - 2 level display
Total display capacity of 2,12 m²
Footprint of 1,6 m²

Hot Island

Placing impulse food products near the checkout area or the store entrance has proven to be a successful strategy in today’s grab-and-go market. With the Fri-Jado Hot Island, your customers can pick up delicious, hot, pre-packaged snacks and meal solutions practically anywhere in the store.

Fri-Jado’s Hot Island provides an attractive product presentation and keeps your products hot! Superior, patented holding technology keeps your hot products warm at 65°C for at least 4 hours. Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates within the shelf surface resulting in optimum air circulation around the hot product.

Large transparent side panels and top panel give a full 360-degree product view. The appealing transparent design gives outstanding product presentation which is sure to boost impulse sales. For easy access during cleaning, side windows can be opened.


Self serve heated multilevel island merchandiser
Product temperature maintained at 65°C degrees
Flexible positioning
Side windows can be opened for easy cleaning
360-degree product view
Plug & play
Endless possibilities; ideal for chicken (portions), panini, pies, pastries, soups, hot rolls, wraps
Optional cross-selling basket
Optional bumper set

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