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In-store impulse generating merchandiser

MD Essential 5 level

Patented Hot Blanket Holding Technology
Attractive presentation boost sales
Large glazed walls give a 180-degree view
Footprint starting at 0,48m2 - Total display area up to 2,54m2

MD Essential 5 level

The Fri-Jado heated Multi Deck triggers your customers to pick up hot grab-and-go products in a quick and convenient way, anywhere in the store. And thanks to its upright design, it only uses limited floor space! From a small shop to a large supermarket: any store can benefit from the Multi Deck.

Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates within the shelf surface resulting in optimum air circulation around the hot product. Saving up to 20% on energy by the air-curtain technology on each shelf.

Large, transparent side panels provide a 180-degree product view. The appealing design creates an attractive product presentation, which is sure to boost impulse sales.

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Available in 60-100-120 cm wide
Product temperature maintained at 65°C degrees
Upright design saves space
Footprint starting at 0,48m2
Total display area up to 2,54m2
Angled shelves provide optimum product visibility
Front bumpers to protect from shopping carts
Plug & play
Endless possibilities; ideal for chicken (portions), panini, pies, pastries, soups, hot rolls, wraps

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