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Preparation and presentation on one spot

Space Saver

Patented Hot Blanket Holding Technology
Attractive presentation boost sales
Rotisserie and 2-level heated merchandiser on < 1m2
Optional Ventless hood
With the Fri-Jado Space Saver, you can position your rotisserie with matching self-serve display warmer anywhere in your store!

Space Saver

The Fri-Jado Space Saver is a prime example of effective use of floor space. By combining a TDR 5 or TG4 rotisserie and a MDS 86-2 Self- Serve grab-and-go merchandiser, you save valuable floor space.

The rotisserie’s appetizing chicken theatre will whet the appetite of any customer. The fact that customers can take the products from the MDS 86-2 themselves will lower buyer thresholds even more. Double output on a single spot. Success guaranteed!

The Space Saver is available for the TDR 5 Manual and TDR 5 Programmable and the TG-4


Combination of MDS 86 2 level self serve heated mult-deck and 4- or 5-spit rotisserie
86 cm wide - 2 level heated display stacked below a rotisserie
Product temperature maintained at 65°C degrees
Preparation and presentation on one spot - saves valuable floor space
Endless possibilities; ideal for chicken (portions), panini, pies, pastries, soups, hot rolls, wraps
Shatter-resistant clear side glass for optimum safety and insulation
Optional ventless hood - no central extraction system needed

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