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We’ve got the whole package to make your food irresistible

07 July 2020

As you know hot grab-and-go food is one of the fast-growing segments of the food industry. Your customer wants delicious, fresh, exciting – but (pre)packaged – food without waiting, at their convenience, while on the go from point A to point B.

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Are the days of the breakfast buffet numbered?

04 June 2020

As long as touching something, anything at a buffet, the traditional buffet is considered to be not safe and may be a thing of the past. Hotel guests do not feel comfortable in the current environment where they presume that hygiene is not as safe as it needs to be. So, it’s understandable why we are seeing buffet concepts being closed down or downgraded.

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Don’t let your hot-meals-to-go run cold!

28 May 2020

Complete and quality hot meals and menu items, ready to take on the road. It's quick, it's simple, it’s on the go. Self-serve food has always been a hot option. It still is, on all fronts. We just have to change the way we serve it.

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Wing it again! How to reopen with a peace of mind?

06 May 2020

We can assume that open food bars are a no go from now on. How can you reduce touchpoints, minimize open food exposure and still provide your customers with the best, warm, safe and tasty chicken? As the whole world is trying to find their way into the new normal, you are probably trying to figure out how to reopen with confidence. Let us introduce you to our in-store impulse generating merchandiser!

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