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Are the days of the breakfast buffet numbered?

As long as touching something, anything at a buffet, the traditional buffet is considered to be not safe and may be a thing of the past. Hotel guests do not feel comfortable in the current environment where they presume that hygiene is not as safe as it needs to be.

So, it’s understandable why we are seeing buffet concepts being closed down or downgraded. The question is: once health conditions return to a more normal state, will people feel more comfortable going to buffets in the future and how will the buffet and breakfast future look like?

There are various options. There are made to order, à la carte options, where guests order and are served at the table or at their rooms. More efficient: the touchless buffet option. Food is still laid out, but items will be served deli counter style, upon request by staff.

Hotels could also offer more grab-and-go breakfasts, with packaged hot and cold food & beverages (made fresh), that guests can enjoy wherever they prefer: in their rooms, outside on the hotel terrace, on-the-go etc.  And of course the various options can be combined according to the hotel’s objectives.

Check out our range of possibilities!

Whatever the hotel’s choices are, Fri-Jado offers practical solutions. Our self-serve or serve over and modular convenience counters offer the best, on all fronts.

Not only do all the counters hold our innovative patented hot and cold air flow technologies that will provide optimal food safety and environmental hygiene, the counters also have countless mix & match possibilities. Counters that are able to deal with high customer traffic, that stimulate the image of freshness, and that (partly) maintain the high service level of human interaction.

Self-serve or serve over?

Let us help you!

Our experts can tell you everything about the counters but they can also help you choose and draw a line-up for your particular breakfast area.