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The Multisserie: a revolution in cooking and merchandising


  • Impulse-generating cooking theatre with 270-degree view
  • Fully automatic cleaning system
  • 50% faster than conventional ovens and rotisseries
  • Grease collection or advanced grease separation
  • Cook Correction controls food safety
  • Optional internal condenser

Both ingenious and creative, the Multisserie is a revolution in visual cooking and merchandising. It combines steam and convection, preparing delicious meat up to 50% faster than conventional ovens and rotisseries. By automatically correcting alterations in the cooking cycle, Cook Correction ensures food safety and consistent product quality. The fully automatic cleaning system saves time, effort and labour costs.


Fully automatic cleaning

With the fully automatic cleaning system, cleaning can be done overnight without operator intervention. Just select one of the cleaning programs and press start. The fully automatic cleaning system saves time and effort, reduces labour costs and makes cleaning your equipment a piece of cake!

Flexible positioning with internal condenser

Position the Multisserie as your ultimate front cooking device with the optional internal condenser. Forget about the restrictions of traditional hoods and avoid the costs of an expensive central extraction system. 

“The Multisserie is a pleasure to work with. Each and every day.”

Multisserie grease separator

The Multisserie with grease separator efficiently separates grease from water during the cooking cycle. The integrated grease system eliminates the need for separate grease treatment systems. By using a grease separator, the total volume of waste will be decreased significantly. Moreover, grease from poultry is a marketable commodity.

Multisserie with disposable waste bags

The Multisserie with with disposable waste bags comes with an integrated system that collects grease and other liquid waste in disposable bags during the cooking cycle.

Multisserie with disposable waste bags and condenser

Avoid costs of an expensive central extraction hood by choosing the Multisserie with internal condenser. Now you can position the Multisserie as your ultimate front appliance without the restrictions of traditional hoods.

Multisserie showcases

Fri-Jado’s Multisseries are used by customers all over the world. Slide this image for a couple of examples.

Do you need technical support?

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