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Wall of flames - Commercial Rotisserie

Wall of Flames - Commercial Gas Rotisserie

  • Flame burners create an attractive appearance
  • Ideal for show cooking
  • 180-degree product view
  • Adjustment of the spits dephts allowing the roasting of different sizes of meat
  • Excellent heat reflection provided by the rear wall with cast-iron radiators
  • Entirely stainless steel made
  • Capacity: 4 or 6 spits

A 180-degree view on deliciously prepared birds, ribs or any other rotisserie meat will tempt your customers! The horizontally positioned spits rotate in front of an open flame, a wall of flames and fire!

High-speed infrared elements direct intense heat into the product, enhancing the flavour and reducing cooking times. Each motorized spit runs independently with on/off switch, allowing you to cook a full or partial batch as needed. 

WF 4 Gas rotisserie

Wall of Flames rotisserie with 4 horizontal spit positions for up to 20 chickens.

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WF 6 Gas rotisserie

Wall of flames rotisserie with 6 horizontal spit positions for up to 40 chickens.

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