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Heated self-serve display for packaged food to go

MTT Table Top Display

Transparent design - all eyes on your food
Premium Hot Blanket technology - extends product shelf life, up to 50% energy savings
Multi Temp feature - to hold food from different food groups
Compact solution - fits anywhere
Plug & Play - no installation effort

Heated Self-Serve Table Top Display MTT – coming soon!

The MTT table top display is Fri-Jado’s compact plug & play solution for hot and packaged grab-and-go food.

Maximum transparency, premium technology

Just like Fri-Jado’s MDD and MCC food displays the MTT has a transparent design, to maximize product visibility and put full focus on your food. Fri-Jado’s patented Hot Blanket technology fully encloses the products, combining hot air recirculation per shelf with mild shelf heating. This technology keeps your food hot and delicious for longer, while saving up to 50% on energy consumption and costs. The MTT is also equipped with a Multi Temp feature for individual shelf temperature control, enabling you to hold food from different food groups in the same unit. You can choose between a model with a solid back or a rear loading version and between two different widths.

Available accessories

  • Condiment holder
  • Shelf insert tray
  • Shelf divider
  • Merchandising rack

A price rail set is included. For technical specifications, please download the product leaflet on this page.


2 levels - 24 or 36 inches wide
Solid back or rear loading model
Maximum transparency - full focus on food
Superior Hot Blanket Holding technology - extends product shelf life, saves energy
Multi Temp - individual shelf temperature control (temperatures between 104°F and 158°F)
LED shelf lighting with natural colour reproduction
Adjustable top shelf angle
Plug & Play - no installation required
Price rails included

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