Rotisserie Spareribs - Sweet Chilli Style

You can flavor your rotisserie spare ribs in so many ways.  The basis of slow-cooking spare ribs in the rotisserie starts with rubbing the ribs with your favourite spice mix. After the ribs are cooked you can cover them in a delicious marinade. And finally, top them off with some nice garnish. In this recipe, the ribs are made slightly spicy by giving them an Asian sweet chilli flavor.

Rotisserie Sweet Chilli Spareribs


Spareribs 14 pcs.

Seasoning mix:

Paprika powder 2tbs
Garlic powder 1tbs
Chilli powder 1tbs
Mustard powder 1tbs
Coriander seed 1tbs
Ginger 1tbs
Black pepper 1tbs
Salt 2tbs
Caster sugar 1tbs

Sweet chilli sauce 2 cups
Sweet soy sauce ½ cup
Soy sauce ¼ cup
Honey ½ cup
Apple vinegar 4tbs
Cornstarch 1tbs

Peanuts 200g / ½ cup
Spring onion 1 bunch


Preparing the spareribs:
Remove the skin from the back of the spareribs.
Rub the spareribs generously with the spice mixture. Make sure all sides are well coated.

Let the spareribs rest for an hour or 2. They can also be seasoned the day before if necessary.

Heat the TDR to 110°C / 230°F
Grill the spare ribs for about 2 hours, depending on thickness, until they reach 90°C / 195°F. The melting fat from the ribs will baste each other.
(Chef’s tip: if you increase your temperature in the last 10 minutes, you will create a rougher surface. This will ensure that the marinade sticks better).

Marinade preparation:
While the spareribs are grilling, prepare the marinade.
In a pan, mix sweet chilli sauce, sweet soy sauce, honey and cider vinegar.
Bring the marinade to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes.
In a separate bowl, mix corn starch with some water to make a paste.
Add the corn starch paste to the boiling marinade and stir well until the sauce thickens.

Glaze the spareribs with a generous amount of marinade. This provides a tasty sheen and an extra sweet touch.

Top the grilled spareribs with the finely chopped peanuts and spring onion.