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Cloud based dashboard

SmartConnect - Your equipment connected

Optimizing Operations and Efficiency
Reducing Service Costs
Simplified Recipe Management
Eliminating Downtime and Enhancing Reliability
Always secure - our cloud meets the highest security standards

In the rapidly evolving retail and food-to-go industries, staying competitive requires embracing innovative solutions. One such game-changer is the integration of connected equipment, which brings you a multitude of benefits. With features such as optimized operations, reduced service costs, simplified recipe management, elimination of downtime, automatic software updates, and predictive maintenance, connected rotisseries offer unprecedented efficiency and reliability. How? Meet Fri-Jado’s SmartConnect!

Fri-Jado SmartConnect is optional and only available for TDR 5 s auto-clean with Wi-Fi, TDR 8 s auto-clean with Wi-Fi, TDR 8 s + 8 s auto-clean with Wi-Fi and GO combi steamers.

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