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Making food irresistible

Pleasing the five senses: that’s what it’s all about when customers enter your store. Make your deli or food-to-go department a clear showpiece that provides a true food experience. Innovation, design, production and distribution on-site: these are Fri-Jado’s strengths since 1937. Fri-Jado, always your safe choice!

Food display units

In-store impulse generators

Serve food-to-go as fresh as the moment it was made! All units are plug & play and can be situated everywhere in your store providing impulse buy anytime.


Nothing beats a rotisserie!

Selling chicken, ribs, roast and casseroles from a Fri-Jado TDR rotisserie seduces customers towards impulse sales! Our TDR’s are known for cooking a rotisserie chicken as it is meant to be! Crispy and delicious while maintaining their attractive appearance for hours after the preparation process.

Combi Ovens

GO. Fits in. Stands out.

Fri-Jado GO is the first combi oven that has been designed with the specific requirements of food retailers in mind. The simplicity of the customizable user interface with preset and locked programs makes the GO operator friendly and results in consistency even with unskilled staff.

Deli Counters

Appetizing product presentation

A true sense of freshness: that's what it's all about when customers enter your store. That's why you would like to prepare, present and preserve your hot and cold deli products in the most irresistible way. Discover what our heated & refrigerated counters can do for your food retail environment.

Fri-Jado's mcc @ Morrisons - food to go
Superior holding
Maximum visibility
Fri-Jado auto-clean rotisserie @ Kippie The Netherlands
Boosting sales
Quality roasting
High peak output
Hot meets cold
Superior holding
Bespoke design
Making food irresistible

At Fri-Jado, we enrich food retail and food-to-go environments.

At Fri-Jado, we believe that an innovative and appetizing food experience can truly enrich any food retail environment. We provide food retailers around the world with the latest technology that makes their food products stand out. We engage their customers in the food preparation process with eye-catching front-cooking solutions. When it comes to fresh food presentation, our hot and refrigerated counters provide a crystal clear product view combined with perfect holding conditions.

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