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Sustainable entrepreneurship

Not only for commercial or economic reasons, but certainly also based on intrinsic motivation, a shift takes place from the ‘P’ of Profit to the ‘P’ of Planet. The human factor, the ‘P’ of People, remains a constant decisive factor in this development and completes the final balance.

Sustainable operations are a prerequisite in the food retail and food service markets. Fri-Jado embraces the responsibility to put its organization, capacities and competences into action for creating sustainable solutions for the benefit of the environment. We are ISO 14001 certified and have always been engaged with the creation of environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions. The use of natural refrigerants in cold storage and using residual heat in rotisseries are just a couple of examples.

Fri-Jado also considers CO2 reduction as a valuable and appropriate theme and our employees play a central role here. Their motivation and environmental awareness make an important contribution to our continued efforts to reduce COemissions.