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Ultimate front cooking appliance

Meet the Turbo Deli Rotisserie, your ultimate front-cooking appliance! As the industry’s fastest original rotisserie, it’s here to elevate your culinary experience. Thanks to its innovative double-loop airflow system, it efficiently heats the entire cavity, ensuring your products are ready up to 30% faster than traditional rotisseries. With the TDR, we use fresh air to cook a rotisserie chicken just the way it’s meant to be: irresistibly crispy, delicious, and maintaining its alluring appearance for hours on end


Rotisserie with 5 meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 15 (3.5 lbs) chickens. If desired the TDR-5 can be placed on a matching stand.

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TDR 7/8 S

Rotisserie with 8 meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 24-32 (3-4 lbs) chickens. If desired the TDR-7/8 can be placed on a matching stand.

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TDR 7/8 + 7/8 S

Double stacked rotisserie with 8 meat fork or V-spit positions or 7 basket or rack positions per compartment – 2x Rotor for up to 24-32 chickens (3-4 lbs)

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Space Saver

The Fri-Jado Space Saver is a prime example of effective use of floor space. Your rotisserie stacked on a grab-and-go heated merchandiser.

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Precision Cooking for consistency and energy savings

Cook Correction & ECO cooking

Our Cook Correction feature takes culinary precision to the next level by rectifying variations in the cooking process caused by half-loads, overloads, or temperature discrepancies in your products. By continuously monitoring temperature curves and making automatic adjustments, it not only ensures food safety but also maintains unwavering product quality. Plus, it’s an eco-conscious choice, helping you save on energy consumption.

But that’s not all. With Eco Cooking, our programmable TDR goes the extra mile, conserving an additional 5% of energy by cleverly utilizing residual heat in the final stages of the cooking cycle. It’s the smart way to achieve culinary excellence while being environmentally responsible.


Efficient heat transfer

The TDR employs a sophisticated air circulation system that ensures efficient heat transfer within the cavity, leading to reduced electricity consumption during the cooking process. Coupled with its improved cooking time, this makes it the epitome of energy efficiency for rotisseries, delivering a high output performance.

Ventless Hood

Elevate your store's layout freedom

Experience newfound flexibility in arranging your store with the addition of our optional ventless hood for your TDR. Say goodbye to the need for costly central extraction systems. Our state-of-the-art exhaust hood boasts an advanced filtration process that effectively eliminates grease-laden vapor, odors, and smoke, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable environment for your customers and staff.

Effective air filtration
Cost saving solution
Position anywhere in your store

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