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Effortless Rotisserie Cleaning: Discover Fri-Jado's time-saving solution

Cleaning a rotisserie can be a tedious and labor-intensive task. At Fri-Jado, we provide a range of rotisseries equipped with an automatic cleaning program designed to simplify this process. With our innovative cleaning system, you can conveniently clean your rotisserie overnight, freeing up valuable labor hours. This means you’ll have a pristine rotisserie ready for the next day of operation, ensuring efficiency and a spotless cooking environment.

TDR-7/8 S auto-clean

Auto-clean rotisserie with easy to use touch screen controls, 8 V-spit positions or 7 basket positions and a rotor for up to 24-32 (3-4 lbs) chickens per batch

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LDR-8 S auto-clean

Increase production and profit, reduce labor cost, and maximize return on investment with the LDR. Faster cooking times and low water consumption. 32-40 (4-5 lbs) chickens per batch perfectly grilled

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LDR-8 S + 8 S auto-clean

Increase production and profit and reduce labor cost with the LDR 8 S + 8 S; Faster cooking times and low water consumption. Auto-clean rotisserie with 2x 8 V-spit positions or 2x 7 basket positions and a rotor for up to 32-40 (4-5 lbs) chickens

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LDR-8 S auto-clean GAS

Increase production and profit, reduce labor cost, and maximize return on investment with the LDR. 32-40 (4-5 lbs) chickens per batch perfectly grilled. Available in natural and propane gas.

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Fri-Jado SmartConnect

Efficient operations, lower service costs, increased uptime: enjoy the benefits of Fri-Jado SmartConnect. Get remote access to your equipment fleet with one mouse click with this smart, IoT-based platform.

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Fri-Jado auto-clean rotisserie @ Kippie The Netherlands
Control product quality and food safety

Smart automation with TDR and LDR auto-clean: customizable crogramming and cook correction

The TDR and LDR auto-clean functionalities incorporate intelligent controls, offering a vast selection of 250 programs, each capable of accommodating up to 9 cook stages. Additionally, our auto-clean rotisseries are equipped with Cook Correction technology, which intuitively addresses variations in the cooking process caused by factors like half-loads, overloads, or variances in product temperature. This not only ensures the utmost food safety but also guarantees consistent product quality with every use. Moreover, it saves an additional 5% on energy consumption.

Cook Correction detects & corrects abnormalities during cooking
USB connection for easy transfer of data and recipes
Optional Wi-Fi for monitoring and recipe management via the cloud based Rotisserie Dashboard - SmartConnect
Fri-Jado ProteClean Green+

Experience uncompromising cleanliness with our rotisserie cleaning solution

Our range of rotisserie cleaners is meticulously designed to maintain the impeccable cleanliness of your rotisserie day in and day out. Introducing ProteClean, your all-in-one solution for daily cleaning, conveniently packaged for your peace of mind.

ProteClean’s cleaning process unfolds in two stages, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning experience. In the first stage, its enzyme-based formula effectively breaks down grease and proteins, transforming them into water-soluble, drain-safe residues. Then, in the second stage, it eliminates stubborn carbon build-up, leaving your rotisserie looking pristine.

For a rotisserie that gleams like it’s fresh from the factory, RotiShine Descale is your go-to option. Its potent descaling and rinsing power rejuvenate your equipment, making it appear as if it were brand new.

Fully automated dual stage cleaning cycle
Deals with all possible proteins and eliminates carbon build up
Detergents are rinsed through the drain - no chemical residues
Environment-friendly: phosphate free
Simple and effective

Optional ventless hood

The features of the TDR Rotisserie Ventless Hood are as simple as they are effective. With the ventless hood, it is not necessary to spend time and money on installing a central ventilation system. You will save energy, as you will bring no disturbance to your store climate. The extraction hoods have an advanced filtration process which removes grease-laden vapor, odor and smoke. (Ventless Hood not available for LDR – ETL pending)

Effective air filtration system that removes grease-laden vapor, odor and smoke
Cost saving solution - no central extraction system needed
Flexibility - position TDR auto-clean anywhere in your store

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