Fri-Jado Rotisseries - Designed to create show and boost impulse sales

Everyone loves the smell and sight of chicken being roasted

From butchers and delicatessen to restaurants, c-stores and supermarkets. Whatever rotisserie you are looking for, Fri-Jado offers a complete range of professional rotisseries; Manual, Programmable, Auto-clean and the Multisserie.

Selling chicken, ribs, roast and casseroles from a Fri-Jado TDR rotisserie seduces customers towards impulse sales. The TDR uses fresh air, saving on energy costs but most important; cooking a rotisserie chicken as it is meant to be! Crispy and delicious while maintaining their attractive appearance for hours after the preparation process.

Fri-Jado rotisseries

Because quality matters

Our rotisseries are the fastest in the industry, are built to last and deliver superior roasted products every single time. Features such as Eco Cooking, Cook Correction and automatic cleaning systems make the rotisseries stand out in terms of energy consumption, food safety, food quality and operator convenience. You will never be disappointed, Fri-Jado is your safe choice!

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