Fri-Jado MTT Hot Table Top Display close-up
Minimum space, maximum revenue

Boost your grab-and-go food sales with the MTT Hot Table Top Display

Specially designed to fit in anywhere with maximum display capacity in a small footprint:  Meet the Fri-Jado MTT Hot Table Top Display. This small format solution for hot food-to-go sales has a lot to offer, such as:

  • Best food visibility through maximum transparency
  • Patented hot holding technology extending food shelf life
  • Up to 50% energy (cost) savings
  • A Multi Temp function to hold products from different food groups
  • Easy use for both operators and customers

Watch the short videos on this page and find out why the MTT Hot might be just the hot food display you are looking for!

Thanks to maximum transparency

Best food visibility

To offer the best view of your food, the MTT Hot has an ultra-transparent design and bright LED lighting above each shelf. A proven recipe to stimulate impulse purchases!

With patented hot holding technology

Low energy consumption, long shelf life

Fri-Jado’s Hot Blanket holding technology is an energy efficient combination of convection and conduction heat. Hot air recirculation per shelf and mild shelf heating fully enclose the products and keep colder ambient air outside, extending food shelf life.

For different food groups and time-of-day offers

Menu Adaptability with MultiTemp

Hold products from different food groups in the same display with individual temperature settings per shelf. This MultiTemp feature also allows you to combine various food items in your breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings.

Convenience for customers and staff

Easy use

It is easy for customers to grab food from this compact but spacious self-service display. This while staff benefit from easy temperature settings and a convenient rear loading option. Finally, the MTT is a plug & play display that doesn’t require time-consuming installation.

Fits anywhere

Easy store integration

With a high display capacity in a small footprint, the MTT is easy to integrate into your store layout.

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