Roasting delicious products while creating attraction

Introducing the Turbo Deli Rotisserie, the industry’s quickest and most innovative rotisserie. Achieve perfectly roasted chicken in just 60 minutes. The TDR boasts a specially designed cavity that’s constantly infused with fresh air, ensuring your rotisserie food is cooked to perfection—crispy, delectable, and maintaining its appealing appearance for hours on end.


Manual rotisserie with 5 meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 15 chickens (3.5 lbs).

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TDR 7/8 M

Rotisserie with 8 meat fork or V-spit positions or 7 basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 24-32 chickens (3-4 lbs)

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TDR 7/8 + 7/8 M

Double stacked rotisserie with 2x 8 meat fork or V-spit positions or 2x 7 basket or rack positions and a capacity of 2x 24-32 chickens (3-4 lbs)

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Space Saver

The Fri-Jado Space Saver is a prime example of effective use of floor space. Your rotisserie stacked on a grab-and-go heated merchandiser.

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Easy to operate

Fast and reliable

The TDR Manual comes in two variations: one with 5 spits and another with 8 spits, available in single and double-stacked configurations (8-spits only). It boasts user-friendly controls with manual settings, allowing you to set the time, temperature, and start the rotisserie process effortlessly. With its double glass doors, it creates an impressive, spacious display area that enhances the visual appeal of your products to entice customer.

Always a perfectly roasted product

Efficient heat transfer

The TDR employs a sophisticated air circulation system that ensures efficient heat transfer within the cavity, leading to reduced electricity consumption during the cooking process. Coupled with its improved cooking time, this makes it the epitome of energy efficiency for rotisseries, delivering a high output performance.

Ventless hood

Elevate Your Store's Layout Freedom with the Optional Ventless Hood

Experience newfound flexibility in arranging your store with the addition of our optional ventless hood for your TDR. Say goodbye to the need for costly central extraction systems. Our state-of-the-art hood boasts an advanced filtration process that effectively eliminates grease-laden vapor, odors, and smoke, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable environment for your customers and staff

Effective air filtration
Cost saving solution
Position anywhere

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