The new Fri-Jado MDD Hot

Why choose if you can have it all?

Selecting the best heated merchandiser for packaged grab-and-go food can be a difficult job. Are you looking for new technology keeping your products safe & delicious for longer? Or should your hot unit save energy costs and offer easy operation to your staff?  Also, what do you find more important; a great design merchandiser that will help you boost impulse purchases or a unit blending in with your new store concept? Now you can stop making choices; with Fri-Jado’s new MDD Hot, you can have it all!

Fri-Jado MDD hot food cabinet - transparent design
Impulse sales booster

1. The MDD helps you grow your hot grab-and-go sales

  • Maximum transparency and food visibility; full focus on the food
  • Ultra-thin shelves; unobstructed view of your products
  • LED shelf lighting puts your food in the spotlights

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Fri-Jado Multi-Temp feature MDD Hot
Maximum flexibility with Multi Temp

2. The MDD easily adapts to changing menus

  • Multi Temp function for individual shelf temperature settings
  • Always the right core temperatures: Ability to finetune shelf conditions to food from different food groups
  • Maximum flexibility: Ready for changing time-of-day menus and new consumer trends


Woman enjoying eating a hamburger
Great taste, less waste

3. The MDD prolongs food quality

  • Patented Hot Blanket Technology: The No. 1 technology extending food shelf life
  • Hot air recirculation & conduction per shelf fully cocoons your products
  • Keeps your fresh products safe, hot & delicious for longer while minimizing food waste >> Happy customers!
Lower costs

4. The MDD saves up to 50% on your energy bill

  • Hot Blanket Technology: Energy efficient combination of hot air recirculation and conduction
  • Guided hot air does not leak out and keeps colder ambient air outside
  • Double pane glass on both sides; optimal insulation

Results based on test Fri-Jado MDD 90-4 solid back model versus a comparable competitor unit.

Fri-Jado hot blanket technology keeps cold outside

"The MDD keeps heat inside and cold outside"

Fri-Jado MDD - high display capacity and small footprint
More revenue from your retail space

5. The MDD offers maximum presentation capacity per square foot

  • Transparent design, making it all about the food
  • Maximized shelf space to increase your presentation capacity
  • Up to 5 levels in a compact footprint
Fri-Jado MDD integrated in store_artist impression
Easy store integration

6. The MDD blends in anywhere

  • Neutral square and transparent design
  • Suitable for stand-alone or in-line placement
  • Solid back model for placement against a wall
  • Pass-through model for easy backloading
  • Available in three widths (24, 36 or 48 inches) and three heights (3, 4 or 5 levels)
  • Standard on castors for easy moving

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