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Fri-Jado launch gas-powered Large Deli Rotisserie

Cooking on gas

Fri-Jado, a leading brand known for developing innovative equipment solutions for retail and foodservice operators globally, has launched the brand new gas-powered Large Deli Rotisserie (LDR), complete with auto-clean functionality.

Designed with the operator in mind, the LDR-8 S Auto-Clean combines the latest technology and a high-quality design with the power and cooking consistency of gas. Ideal for positioning front of house, in customer facing environments, the LDR adds theatre to the cooking process, while the irresistible sight and smell of perfectly cooked food is sure to tempt purchase.

Electric powered LDR coming January 1st 2023.

Fri-Jado ProteClean Green+

Energy efficient and Fast

Using the same user-friendly technology found in electric models, the new gas-powered LDR achieves high speed convection cooking through a double loop and an energy efficient heat exchanger. This results in a low average gas consumption, roasting up to 32 (5lbs) chickens in just 75 minutes – 30% faster than conventional gas rotisseries.

It’s not just in the cooking process that the new LDR range can save time. Fitted with Fri-Jado’s advanced auto-clean system, the unit achieves a labour saving of as much as one hour a day. Fully automatic dosing of detergent prevents the need for the operator to come into contact with chemicals, while a smart one-touch operating system controls the wash cycle, meaning it can be left to clean overnight. A surprisingly low water consumption of just < 14 gallons per cycle and a design which eliminates the need for door seals minimises operational and maintenance costs.

Fri-Jado SmartConnect

Safety and Consistency

For enhanced safety, the LDR-8 S Auto-Clean GAS features a unique pass-through design. Helping to avoid cross-contamination, the unit separates raw from cooked foods, while the large, double-glazed glass doors, vivid lighting and 8 v-spit or 7 basket racking system makes your food look irresistible. With endless possibilities, the rotisserie is suitable for chicken, pork, beef, lamb, ribs, meat loaf, porchetta and other proteins as well as vegetables such as potatoes.

Simple touch screen controls, full USB connection for easy data transfer and storage of up to 250 programmes ensures consistency. Optional Wi-Fi connectivity allows operators to monitor usage and cleaning or upload new recipe information anywhere and at any time. The Fri-Jado cloud-based dashboard, Smart Connect, even allows groups, chains and franchisees to manage and optimise consistency across multiple stores (optional).

LDR Grease Caddy USA

More cooking hours and greater sales through the day!

On the launch of the new LDR-8 S Auto-Clean GAS, Ernst Goettsch, Managing Director at Fri-Jado Inc. comments:

“The new Fri-Jado LDR-8 S Auto-Clean, has been designed with the operator in mind. From consistent, quick and powerful cooking with natural or propane gas, to the significant labour savings that can be achieved with the one-touch auto-clean system – the unit means more cooking hours and greater sales through the day!

Featuring the same great technology found in our existing portfolio, the smart new gas-powered rotisserie is easy to use, offers optional cloud-based monitoring, is ideal for a front-of-house customer facing setup and delivers precision, quality cooking on a wide range of ingredients.”

Article written by: Andrew Taylor C.F.S.P. – Eat PR & Marketing
Picture: Optional heated grease reservoir – designed to simplify te collection and transport of grease

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