The new Fri-Jado Hot Multi Deck Display

Why choose if you can have it all?

Selecting the best hot display cabinet for packaged grab-and-go food can be a difficult job. Are you looking for new technology keeping your products hot & delicious for longer? Or should your hot food cabinet save energy (costs) and offer easy operation to your staff?  Also, what do you find more important; a great design merchandiser that will help you boost impulse purchases or a unit blending in with your new store concept? Now you can stop making choices; with Fri-Jado’s new MDD Hot, you can have it all!

Fri-Jado MDD hot food cabinet - transparent design
Impulse sales booster

1. The MDD helps you grow your hot food-to-go sales

  • Maximum transparency and food visibility; full focus on the food
  • Ultra-thin shelves; unobstructed view of the products
  • LED shelf lighting puts your food in the spotlights

Looking for the best view of your food? Then you may also be interested in Fri-Jado’s MCC range of Hot and Cold Food Displays.

Woman enjoying eating a hamburger
Great taste, less waste

2. The MDD prolongs food quality

  • Patented Hot Blanket Technology: The No. 1 technology extending food shelf life
  • Hot air recirculation & conduction per shelf fully cocoons your products
  • Keeps your fresh products safe, hot & delicious for longer while minimizing food waste >> happy customers!
Lower energy bill

3. The MDD saves up to 50% on energy consumption

  • Hot Blanket Technology: Energy efficient combination of hot air recirculation and conduction
  • Guided hot air does not leak out and keeps colder ambient air outside
  • Double pane glass on both sides; optimal insulation

Test Fri-Jado MDD 90-4 solid back model versus a comparable competitor unit. Results based on 7 hours operation plus pre-heating.

Fri-Jado hot blanket technology keeps cold outside

"The MDD keeps heat inside and cold outside"

Fri-Jado Multi-Temp feature MDD Hot
Maximum flexibility with Multi Temp

4. The MDD easily adapts to different food groups

  • Multi Temp model for individual shelf temperature settings
  • Always the right core temperatures: Ability to finetune shelf conditions to food from different food groups
  • Maximum flexibility: Ready for changing time-of-day menus and new consumer trends


Fri-Jado MDD - high display capacity and small footprint
More revenue from your retail space

5. The MDD offers maximum presentation capacity per square meter

  • Transparent design, making it all about the food
  • Maximized shelf space to increase your presentation capacity
  • Up to 5 levels in a compact footprint
Customer buying roasted chicken from Fri-Jado rotisserie
Quick & easy operation

6. The MDD helps you keep your focus on the customer

  • Turn on the unit, that’s all
  • Super fast heating up under 30 minutes
  • Pass-through model available for quick & easy rear loading
  • Happy staff with focus on customer service
Options for easy store integration

7. The MDD blends in anywhere

These are the options you can choose from to seamlessly integrate the MDD hot food cabinet in your store concept:

  • Stand-alone use or in-line placement with other (new/existing) shelving or counters
  • Solid back model for placement against a wall
  • Pass-through model for easy rear loading
  • Three widths (60-90-120 cm) and three heights (3, 4 or 5 levels)

All MDD models have a neutral square and transparent design and come with lockable castors for easy moving.

Discover the full range on the MDD Hot product page!

Customer testimonial

"The Fri-Jado MDD has been a fantastic asset to our business"

Pavilion, an independent delicatessen, fine food store and cookery school, was looking for a solution to serve grab-and-go food customers with little time. A solution supporting menu changes during the day and different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They quickly decided on the MDD Hot food display cabinet, because of its technology and design.

Micah Judah, Managing Director of Pavilion Foods about the Fri-Jado MDD: “It gives us the ultimate flexibility. From the simple but clever features, such as the ability to set different temperatures on each shelf, to the energy saving technology and slim shelf design which makes our food effortlessly stand out, the unit has been invaluable”.

Pavilion also uses Fri-Jado’s biggest rotisserie, the Multisserie. They’ve positioned it front and center of their store to draw in customers from the street with the look and smell of freshly roasted chicken. Curious? Read and watch the full case study here.

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