Up to 60% lower energy consumption

DOE Compliance for energy efficient MCC Cold Food Displays

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Fri-Jado’s MCC Cold Food Displays have achieved official registration as DOE-compliant units. In the United States, the Department of Energy (DOE) oversees the energy efficiency standards for a range of appliances, including refrigeration equipment. This regulatory framework is designed to drive advancements in energy efficiency and contribute to an overall reduction in energy consumption.

Remarkably, our MCC Cold Food Displays surpass the stringent DOE requirements with up to 60% lower energy consumption than the established threshold for this category of equipment. This performance not only signifies Fri-Jado’s commitment to compliance but also positions our products as leaders in energy efficiency within the industry. We remain dedicated to advancing sustainable practices and delivering innovative solutions that align with and exceed regulatory expectations.