Maximum transparency for the best view of your food, premium hot holding technology for a long product shelf life and a compact design with large display capacity, that fits in anywhere: This is Fri-Jado’s new self-serve table top display for hot and packaged grab-and-go food, the MTT.

The MTT is the ideal small format solution to boost your sales of grab-and-go food, while saving up to 50% on energy consumption and costs. Combining hot air recirculation per shelf with mild shelf heating, patented Hot Blanket Technology fully encloses the products in the unit and keeps them at the right core temperatures for hours. This technology is also energy efficient by design.

Equipped with a Multi Temp function, the MTT can be usef for products from different food groups. This function enables you set the temperature of each shelf separately and finetune holding conditions to specific types of food.

Finally, the MTT is also a ready-for-use display as it doesn’t require installation. The only thing you need to do is plug it in.

More information can be found on the MTT product page.