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Cloud based rotisserie dashboard

SmartConnect - Your equipment connected

Efficient operations - be more agile with your menus
Lower service costs, increased uptime
Data analysis - compare between stores
Always secure - our cloud meets the highest security standards

Make the most of your rotisseries with Fri-Jado SmartConnect

Internet connectivity is considered as basic these days as running water and electricity. We spend hours using our smartphone to get work done, share experiences with each other or buy products online. Why not connect your rotisseries? Optimize operations, lower service costs, upload recipes, eliminate downtime, automatic software updates and predictive maintenance. These are just a few benefits of your connected rotisseries.

Get remote access to your equipment fleet with one mouse click with this smart, IoT-based platform. The secured Wi-Fi connection saves costs compared to hard-wired connectivity solutions.

Fri-Jado SmartConnect is available for  TDR 8 s auto-clean with Wi-FiTDR 8 s + 8 s auto-clean with Wi-Fi and LDR 8 s auto-clean with Wi-Fi

Efficient operations, lower service costs, increased uptime

Advantages of SmartConnect

IoT-based platform for remote access to your fleet of equipment
Secured Wi-Fi saves costs compared to hard-wired connectivity solutions
Personal dashboard for different access levels
Access levels based on predefined roles

Data analysis and always secure

Analyze data such as running hours, error messages, etc. from your Dashboard to compare rotisseries between stores, optimize operations and initiate predictive maintenance. Our Cloud-based platform meets the highest security standards and utilizes the MQTT protocol. Connection is established using a secured Wi-Fi connection. The latest TLS/SLL encryption is used for data transfer. Different access levels (Retailer, Service partner) ensure that access can be managed.


The platform requires no specialist knowledge, no intervention on the IT system or knowledge of programming. The interface is intuitive; from setting up users, upload recipes and alert levels for each individual machine. Even unskilled operators can grill a batch of perfectly roasted chickens with the intuitive control panel and your uploaded recipes. Grilling and cooking has never been easier!

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