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Always a spotless rotisserie

TDR-7/8 S Auto-Clean

8 V-spit positions, 7 basket or rack positions
Rotor for up to 24 chickens (3.5 lbs) per batch
USB connection for easy transfer of data and programs
Easy-to-use: automatic (overnight) cleaning
Faster cooking times and lower energy consumption
SmartConnect - Optional Wi-Fi for monitoring and recipe management via the cloud based dashboard

TDR-7/8 S Auto-Clean

8 meat fork or V-spit positions, 7 baskets or rack positions. Rotor for up to 24 chickens (3.5 lbs) per batch.

Benefit from the automatic cleaning program of the TDR auto-clean rotisserie. It will save you at least one hour of labour every day as cleaning the rotisserie’s cavity and its accessories belong to the past. Cleaning can be done overnight, boosting operator productivity. It enables the operator to spend their valuable time on what’s most important: serving customers.

Be faster and save more energy 
Thanks to Eco Cooking, the TDR saves 5% on energy consumption by using residual heat. Cook Correction corrects alterations in the cooking cycle that are due to half-loads, overloads, or products with a difference in temperature. It measures abnormalities in the temperature curve and corrects the cycle automatically. This controls food safety and delivers consistent product quality. Moreover, it saves an additional 5% on energy consumption.

The features of the optional TDR Rotisserie Ventless Hood are as simple as they are effective
With the Fri-Jado rotisserie ventless hood, it is not necessary to spend time and money on installing a central ventilation system. You will save energy, as you will bring no disturbance to your store climate. Because the units are self-contained, you can position your TDR rotisserie anywhere in the store and create a front cooking situation.

The TDR is also available with Wi-Fi – Efficient operations, lower service costs and increased uptime: enjoy the benefits of Fri-Jado’s SmartConnect IoT-based platform.


Rotor for up to 24 chickens (3.5 lbs) per batch
8 V-spit positions or 7 basket positions
250 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program
Easy to use touch screen controls
Supplied on matching open underframe, with space for up to 6 boxes cleaning supply and optional grease reservoir
Cook Correction detects and corrects abnormalities during the cook cycle
Eco Cooking uses residual heat during the last part of the cook cycle
SmartConnect - Optional Wi-Fi for monitoring and recipe management via the cloud based dashboard
Optional Ventless Hood - Position the TDR anywhere in your store!

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