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Hot self-serve or full serve display cabinet

Modular Counter Hot Square

Designed to boost food-to-go sales
Excellent product visibility
Patented Hot Blanket holding technology extends shelf life
Can be used inline with refrigerated Modular Counters

Modular Counter Hot Square

Create an eye-catching presentation of your fresh food-to-go products with Fri-Jado’s Modular Counters. The Hot Square model is an inline heated display cabinet with square glass, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the food inside. Patented Hot Blanket technology keeps your products warm and free from pollutants for longer.


Product temperature maintained at ≥150°F
Combination of hot air circulation and shelf heating - temperature consistency
Long shelf life of up to 4 hours - cuts wastage
Transparent design & shelf lighting - optimal product visibility
Thermo pane glass - increased insulation
Double glass sliding back doors for optimal operator access
Unlimited possibilities in combining hot and cold side-by-side
Adaptable to any store format
Stainless steel and powder coated interior and exterior
Available in 30" and 40" wide

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