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Elevating the art of roasting for maximum sales impact

Indulge your customers with the irresistible aroma and visual allure of perfectly roasted meat, heightened to new levels with Fri-Jado Rotisseries. From upscale butchers and delicatessens to bustling restaurants convenience stores, petrol stations, food-to-go outlets and supermarkets, our comprehensive line of professional rotisseries caters to every need – manual, smart or the innovative auto-clean range.

Fri-Jado’s rotisseries are not just appliances; they are your ticket to elevating impulse sales with tantalizing offerings of succulent chicken, flavorful ribs, delectable roasts, and hearty casseroles. The rotisseries boasts an ingenious design that utilizes fresh air, not only trimming energy costs but, most importantly, ensuring your rotisserie chicken is cooked to perfection – irresistibly crispy and delicious. What sets Fri-Jado apart is the ability to maintain the alluring appearance of your creations for hours after the cooking process, enticing customers long after the initial preparation. Transform your food offerings into a feast for the senses and a magnet to drive up your sales.

Fri-Jado rotisseries

Because quality matters

Experience unparalleled speed and durability with Fri-Jado rotisseries, setting the industry standard for swift performance and long-lasting reliability. Elevate your culinary endeavors with consistently superior roasted products, thanks to advanced features like Eco Cooking, Cook Correction and automatic cleaning systems. Our rotisseries excel in energy efficiency, food safety, top-notch food quality  and operator convenience. Choose Fri-Jado for a guaranteed, unparalleled experience – your assurance of satisfaction and success!

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