All-new hot Deli Counter range

Fri-Jado is starting the year with the high-profile launch of an all-new hot Deli Counter (DC) range. This innovative series features the very latest technology to ensure that food is kept at the perfect temperature for service, whilst also being displayed in the best way to ensure customer appeal is as strong as possible. Available in a choice of lengths (1,200mm, 1,500mm or 1,800mm) and complete with warm LED internal lighting, the range truly makes the food on offer the hero and is sure to boost sales for operators worldwide.

Fri-Jado Deli Counter DC Hot 150 FS UF 4.3 GN

Improved visibility and Patented technology

With the food on the move market increasingly returning to pre-pandemic levels and more and more consumers returning to towns and city-located offices, it has never been more important for operators to positively highlight the food they are selling to potential customers. With improved visibility from all sides, Fri-Jado’s new hot deli counter range really does put the food in the spotlight. The units feature patented technology to ensure that hold times are longer, more consistent, and superior to other units – maximising profits and boosting product quality for longer.

Fri-Jado Hot FS 4.3 GN drop_in deli counters

Flexibility to mix and match

Available in drop-in and standard formats, the range offers operators significant versatility for their deli offering. Compatible with other counter units in the Fri-Jado portfolio, including the MCC range, the new Hot Deli counters deliver a compact solution for a complete line-up of serve-over, self-service, hot, cold and ambient food holding and display concept. Designed to suit a wide range of store sizes, the units offer flexibility to mix and match different food types whilst maintaining uniform quality.

Carefully developed in tandem with in-depth operator insight and feedback, the hot Deli Counter is set to lead the sector in terms of technology, visibility, and performance. Alongside all of this, every Fri-Jado appliance features industry-leading energy efficiency technology maximising the energy used, as well as delivering a lower whole-lifetime cost and helping owners and operators better manage their budgets, as well as minimising their overall environmental impact.

A triumph of technology, design, and innovation

On the launch of the new hot Deli Counter, Laurens Engbers, CEO, comments:

“This new hot Deli Counter is a genuine step forward for the sector. Fri-Jado has long been recognised for its commitment to innovation, and this new unit can truly be a game changer for operators across the globe. With the option to hold a wide range of hot foods in a single unit at optimum temperature, flexibility has increased massively, but without compromising on any of our core values of quality and performance. In fact, operators can hold food for longer, in better condition than almost any other unit on the market. Where the new hot Deli Counter really shines though is by increasing the visibility to consumers. With optimised design and high-grade materials, visibility from both the front and the sides of the unit has been hugely increased, better showcasing the food inside and tempting customers to purchase today and come back tomorrow! Overall, the new unit is a triumph of technology, design, and innovation in a single unit – whilst also considering the energy consumption and running costs means that this is one of our most efficient units ever with an improved total cost of ownership for operators.”

Find more information, including specification sheets, on the DC Hot here

Article written by: Jonathan Patterson – Eat PR & Marketing