GO. Fits in, Stands out.

Fri-Jado GO is the first combi oven that has been designed with the specific requirements of food retailers in mind. The simplicity of the customizable user interface with preset and locked programs ensures high and consistent food quality even with unskilled staff.

The GO combi brings flexibility and versatility to your time of day food offer, allowing you easy menu expansion. The multifunctionality, high speed and mixed load capability enables the operator to quickly deal with changes in demand.

PassThrough solution– Unique pass through models with two doors are available, preventing cross contamination by allowing separating of raw and cooked areas; Improve logistics and food safety! The two doors also increase visibility of the food. The PassThrough versions are available on all available models.

Wi-Fi connection to the cloud-based dashboard Smart Connect allows remote monitoring and management of your complete oven fleet (optional)

Food Quality and Consistency

Intelligent ClimateControl: perfectly controlled temperature and steam settings. Better food quality, more yield & less waste.

Operator friendly
Preset and locked (custom) programs allow for simple operation, prevent errors and ensure consistent food quality & food safety for any operator, skilled or unskilled. Cook Correction detects abnormalities like half loads, and adjusts the cook time accordingly.

Cloud connected – Smart Connect
Easy menu and software updates. Real-time overview of energy, water and detergent consumption. HACCP reporting on cook times. Cloud connectivity allows for uniformity between stores. Read more about Smart Connect here

Combi oven Fri-Jado

Efficient and Productive workflow

Maximum flexibility and throughput
Shorter cooking times and process optimization with the MenuPlanner. Suitable for mixed loads: up to 3 different items per tray. The GO 1.06 holds 7 1/1 trays which allows up to 16% more capacity.

Always clean, effortless
Always a clean oven at the touch of a button with the CareClean auto-cleaning system. Including a fast cleaning option in just 12 minutes, between two batches.

Robust and reliable
Solid built-to-last design and construction with heavy-duty components, ensuring a smooth operation day in, day out, and a long service life.

Fri-Jado GO 1.10

Cost-effectiveness and Sustainable

Low total cost of ownership
Simple operation requiring less (skilled) labor. Boilerless Advanced Steaming Technology means no water, energy and maintenance cost of a boiler.

Sustainable choice
Low water and energy consumption, eco-friendly cleaning tabs and 100% recyclable components for ultimate sustainability.

Remote control
Real-time overview of energy, water and detergent consumption of the entire oven fleet, thanks to the cloud connectivity. Also allowing HACCP reporting on cook times and predictive maintenance data reporting.

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