A true sense of freshness

Custom Counter: a modular inline solution tailored to your store

Different store concepts ask for different looks and feels. Different fresh products ask for different ways of presentation and preservation. Customise your refrigerated inline counters based upon your store concept and your products.

Fri-Jado Custom Counters offer a tailor-made, innovative and delectable culinary journey that enhances your store ambiance and drives revenue growth.

Reduce your costs
Custom Counter also offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. Save on energy consumption with OmniCold refrigeration. Reduce weight loss and extend shelf life with optional refined humidity systems. Enjoy easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to removable interior components and easy-to-open glass windows.

CC Cold

Your assortment of deli items appears appealing within our CC Cold model, whether opting for full service or self-serve option. Designed with the presentation of both packaged and unpackaged goods in mind.

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CC FreshCold

Your products need to be fresh, look fresh and stay fresh. The FreshCold full serve model has been designed for presentation of fresh unpacked products such as fresh meat.

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CC IceCold

Designed for food presentation on crushed ice, the IceCold full serve model provides superior holding conditions under the toughest circumstances. It is the ultimate choice for openly displayed fresh products such as fish and shellfish.

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Custom Counter Configurator

Creating a personalised counter has never been simpler with our Custom Counter Configurator. With the configurator, you can effortlessly design a counter that aligns precisely with your requirements and visualise the end result through a detailed 3D image. Our team is ready to guide you through the process of tailoring your ideal counter using this innovative tool.

Want to configure your perfect counter?