A solution that ticks all the boxes

At Fri-Jado we are in the business of making your food look and taste irresistible. This is how we help you boost your sales. When developing the MCC range of hot and cold displays for packaged & unpackaged food-to-go, we asked our customers about their specific needs. The result is a solution that ticks all the boxes:

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Up to 75% more product visibility

Get the best view of your food

Stimulate impulse purchases and increase your sales with all eyes on your food. Fri-Jado’s MCC hot and cold food displays offer a 360-degree view of your products and up to 75% more visibility than competitor displays. In short, the MCC range is the most transparent food-to-go presentation solution on the market.

Small footprint with large display capacity

Make the best use of your floor space

With up to 4 levels of maximum display capacity in a small footprint, MCC hot and cold food displays help you maximize your revenue from minimum floor space.

Premium hot & cold holding technologies

Extend shelf life of packaged food

Keep your packaged hot or cold food-to-go to the highest quality for longer with patented holding technologies from Fri-Jado.

Hot Blanket technology

  • Patented hot air recirculation per shelf (convection) + mild shelf heating (conduction)
  • Fully encloses your products for the best holding performance
  • Additional advantage: up to 50% energy savings

Cold Booster technology

  • Patented design pushes cold air further to the front
  • With the help of the price rail mounts, a superior cold curtain is created
  • Effectively keeps out warmer ambient air
Premium hot & cold holding technologies

Extend shelf life of unpackaged food

Extend shelf life of your unpackaged hot or cold food-to-go with premium Fri-Jado technologies, specially developed for this type of food.

Hot Humidification technology

  • Hot air recirculation + humidification
  • Even distribution of hot humidified air throughout the unit

OmniCold technology

  • Indirect gentle airflow around the products (instead of cold air being blown directly onto the food)
  • Even distribution throughout the unit
Modular design to suit any food-to-go concept

Create your perfect display setup

Create a food display setup that fits perfectly into your store concept. Thanks to modular design, the MCC range offers you countless combination options. Put hot and cold displays side by side or back to back and choose between models with underframe or drop-in versions.

Other choices:

  • Hot, cold or ambient displays
  • Self-serve, self-serve with doors or full serve
  • Developed for packaged or unpackaged food
  • Solid back with mirror function or transparent and sliding rear doors
  • Various widths
  • 2, 3 or 4 presentation levels
First display manufacturer with solar powered production

Choose responsibly

When moving to a new location in 2020, being future proof was an important requirement. That is why Fri-Jado has the BREEAM label, a voluntary certification exceeding legal durability objectives. When looking at the MCC display range, these are important impact reductions:

  • use of 99% recyclable components
  • use of energy saving hot & cold holding technologies – up to 50% lower energy consumption
  • use of green refrigerant in cold displays
  • Factory roof covered with solar panels – solar powered production

This makes Fri-Jado MCC food displays a responsible choice.

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