Energy labelling

A way beyond energy efficiency

To help the EU market reduce energy and carbon footprint, a new version of the widely-recognised EU energy label will be applicable from March 2021. The new labels will initially apply to the following Fri-Jado products; Modular Convenience Counters and Custom Counters*.

Why are energy labels changing
Introduced 20 years ago, energy labels awarded a product with an A for high efficiency, or an F for low efficiency and encouraged manufacturers to drive innovation by using more energy efficient technologies. Over time, the scheme evolved and labels of A+, A++ and A+++ were added, adding confusion.

Exit the A+++ ratings, welcome back the original A-G scale
From 2021 onwards, these A+, A++, A+++ rankings will be phased out and the new grading system will use only the A to G rankings. This will enable the EU market to distinguish more clearly between the most energy efficient products. At the same time, it is meant to encourage manufacturers like us, to continue research and innovation into even more energy efficient technologies.

What does it mean for Fri-Jado products?
Our energy labels are aligned with the new legislation; all labels are issued for climate class 3 and M1 performance (M0 falls outside the scope of the current energy label setup). All referenced equipment is registered at the European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL).

*The custom counters IceCold and ColdPrep are excluded from energy labelling as they have integrated storage or are based on flake ice presentation.

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