MTT Earns Nomination at Lunch! Innovation Challenge as Top Food-to-Go Innovation Product

Tailored for compact spaces seeking efficient hot food display solutions, the Fri-Jado MTT has been recognized as a pioneering product in the food-to-go industry. This countertop heating unit excels in providing maximum transparency, merging a compact footprint with cutting-edge technology designed to preserve hot food and extend its shelf life. The MTT’s multi-temperature feature enables operators to store a variety of foods within the same unit, while its hot blanket technology delivers energy savings of up to 50% compared to similar models in the market. To accommodate diverse needs, solid back and rear-loading models are available, along with a choice of two different widths.

Patented Technologies
Debuting in the UK at lunch! 2023, the MTT exemplifies Fri-Jado’s globally acclaimed reputation for innovation. It creates consistent heat zones through a combination of mid-shelf heating and patented, highly efficient Hot Blanket air circulation technology, making it a leading solution for hot food display. Not only does the MTT maintain food at the ideal temperature, but it also contributes ongoing savings to operations by reducing energy consumption. This revolutionary unit boasts a plug-and-play design, comes in two width options, and offers flexibility with a choice of solid back or rear-loading configurations. Simply place it on a countertop, plug it in, stock it with your most popular hot foods, and watch your sales fly.

Fits In Everywhere
The introduction of the MTT brings Fri-Jado’s technical excellence to sites with limited space, empowering operators to thrive in the lucrative food-to-go market. With consumers’ expectations continually rising, the MTT enables satellite units and smaller sites to compete effectively by offering high-quality, hot, packaged food-to-go. By keeping operating costs low and ensuring food stays in optimal condition for longer, the MTT not only boosts sales but also contributes to waste reduction.

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