Modular Convenience Counter

Roll-out at Albert Heijn, The Netherlands

This week the roll-out of the MCC (modular convenience counter) started at Albert Heijn, The Netherlands. We are very proud Albert Heijn selected the Fri-Jado refrigerated MCC display, to present the most premium items in their latest Grab & Go concept. Besides it’s high capacity, optimal holding performance and green efficiency, for AH it is all about the details; ‘’And your solution is an intricate part of the whole with elegant detail! Thank you for your flexibility, co-op and engineering in all the aspects! Super result!’’ Thank you Albert Heijn.

Albert Heijn Since 1887 – Albert Heijn is part of Ahold Delhaize. It’s Hollands biggest supermarket chain with 985 stores across the country and 7.000 across the globe.

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Fri-Jado's MCC at Albert Heijn, The Netherlands
Fri-Jado's MCC at Albert Heijn, The Netherlands'