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Shell and Bakerstreet roll out Shell Café

Shell rolled out a new concept on Monday 19 April. The first ‘Shell Café’ has been opened along the A16 at Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.

In partnership with Bakerstreet and Shell, we at Fri-Jado are proud to be (a modest) part of this first ‘Shell Café’. Providing delicate holding conditions for attractive Hot food-to-go with our MCC.

Hilmar van den Dool, General Manager Retail Shell, talks about the difference between the traditional petrol pump and the new Shell concept. “Guests experience a completely different experience in the gas station with the modern Shell Café and no traditional pump shop. We offer a relaxing stay for guests who, for example, charge their car in the meantime. “

A rapidly changing environment
Shell sees that the world of mobility is changing at a rapid pace. “In the changing world of mobility, Shell shops face a different function problem. The share of electric cars is increasing and we see that people are on the road more spread throughout the day. We respond to that. Our shops will become a relaxing place to stay where even you can recharge, literally and figuratively.” says Hilmar.

Wide range
Upon arrival, the customers are personally approached by a hostess or host. From the entrance there is a direct view of the fresh products. Customers can choose from a wide range. There is also a varied special assortment every day. Local and organic products are used.

Coffee plays a central role in the new ‘Shell Café’. The coffee blends made for Shell are prepared by professional baristas. When the corona crisis permits, customers can drink their coffee in a modern seating area.

Further rollout of the ‘Shell Café’
The Shell Café format will be rolled out to other motorway locations from Q3 this year. In five years’ time, the retailer expects its key locations in the Netherlands will be trading as Shell Cafés. The retailer continues to invest in fast charging points. At the end of this year, Shell will have around 250 Shell Recharge charging points at its stations in the Netherlands. This is part of Shell’s wider ambition to increase its EV charging points from 60,000 to 500,000 globally by 2025.

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MCC hot at Shell
MCC hot at Shell, The Netherlands'