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Drop-in deli counter for hot food

DC Hot full serve drop-in 4/3 GN

Transparent design with warm LED lighting - sales boosting food visibility
Hot Humidification technology + individually controlled top heat - best food quality for longer
High energy efficiency - saves costs and reduces environmental impact

DC Hot full serve drop-in – 4/3 GN

Turn your food into profits with the DC Hot full serve from Fri-Jado! This deli counter is the perfect choice for your food retail or food-to-go business, offering you the following benefits:

  • Maximum transparency, slim frame design and warm LED lighting support excellent food visibility
  • Premium Hot Humidification technology + individually controlled radiant heat per GN section extend food shelf life
  • Efficient heating technology, double pane side glass and top glass with Low-E coating save energy (costs)
  • Simple operation and easy cleaning save time
  • Modular design for a perfect match with any store concept. Combine with Fri-Jado’s drop-in Cold Deli Counters and/or MCC Hot & Cold drop-in food displays in one uniform-looking setup.

The DC Hot full serve drop-in deli counter is designed for easy integration into your own look & feel. It is also available with an underframe in any RAL colour.


Transparent design for best food visibility
Warm LED lighting saves energy and supports an eye-catching food presentation
Mirrored glass sliding doors on the operator side further enhance food visibility
Double-glazed sides with transparent spacers - optimal insulation saves energy; place hot & cold counters side by side without interupting the line of sight
Laminated top glass with Low-E coating - optimal insulation saves energy
Heating of humidification tray incorporated in existing technology - energy-saving
Standard with automatic water fill. A manual water fill system is also available for this unit (accessory)
Multiple fans and specially designed air guides for optimal distribution of hot & humidified air - longer shelf life at lower energy consumption
Individually controlled radiant heat from above extends the shelf life of products that need a little extra heat
Flexible and adjustable interior configuration for use with different sizes GN pans
Can also be used with height and angle adjustable black flat decks (accessories)
Angled back side improves operator ergonomics
Modular design enables combinations with Fri-Jado cold deli counters or MCC hot & cold food displays
Simple control panel for easy operation
All glass surfaces are easily accessible and interior parts removable for easy cleaning
In 1200, 1500 or 1800 mm wide
Gastronorm capacity: 3 x 4/3 GN, 4 x 4/3 GN or 5 x 4/3 GN
Non-exposed heating elements increase operator safety

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