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Self-serve Multi Deck Display for packaged hot food

MDD Hot 3 + 4 + 5 level

Transparent design, making it all about the food
Extended shelf life - Hot Blanket technology cocooning your products
Up to 50% energy savings
Fully adaptable to changing food trends (Multi Temp)
Quick & simple use - fast heating up, easy access
Blends in anywhere - easy store integration
Maximized display area - get more revenue from your floor space!

MDD Hot 3 + 4 + 5 level

Looking for an outstanding food presentation without distraction? With its highly transparent design, ultra-thin shelves and heat resistant LED shelf lighting, the MDD puts full focus on the food. While patented Hot Blanket holding technology maintains product quality and safety for longer, the MDD also minimizes energy consumption. In addition to improved insulation, the energy efficient combination of hot air recirculation & conduction per shelf  results in savings of up to 50% on your energy bill.

Discover the 7 benefits of Fri-Jado’s MDD Hot

Multi Temp model

With the MDD you are fully prepared for changes in consumer food trends. Next to a regular model that keeps your products at a consistent ≥ 65°C  a Multi Temp version is also available. It allows you to further finetune individual shelf temperature settings to products from different food groups. If a shelf is not used, its heating (and LED lighting!) can also be turned off completely.

Easy use 

The MDD is designed with both the customer AND the operator in mind. Operating the regular model only requires pushing a switch, which is within an arm’s length reach (and out of the customer’s sight), at the top of the unit. After that, the MDD heats up super fast, within half an hour. A pass-through model for easy backloading is also available. Finally, there’s more than sufficient space between the shelves to grab and restock food safely and easily.

Blends in anywhere

Its neutral transparent and square design makes it easy  to integrate the MDD in any store layout or concept. The unit is available in various widths (60-90-120 cm) and heights (3 levels: 1443 mm, 4 levels: 1723 mm, 5 levels: 1973 mm). Choose a solid back unit for placement against the wall or a pass-through model for easy backloading. Flexibility guaranteed!

Maximum food display area

The MDD is also a good choice when you want to get more revenue from your (limited) floor space. It offers you up to 5 levels of maximized product display area in a compact footprint.



3-, 4- or 5-level heated merchandiser - 60, 90 or 120 cm wide
Single Temp model: keeps your products at a consistent ≥65°C
Multi Temp model: individual shelf temperature settings between 40°C and 70°C
Product shelf life up to 4 hours
Footprint starting at 0.45m2
Total display area up to 2.70m2
Adjustable shelf angle
Front bumper for protection, castors for easy moving
Double pane glass on the sides - improved insulation
Endless possibilities; ideal for chicken (portions), panini, pies, pastries, soups, hot rolls, wraps, etc.

Ready for a hot food display cabinet without compromises?

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