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Table-top rotisserie


Always a perfectly roasted product
Visual cooking stimulates sales
Small footprint, high output
Optional combination with 2-level heated merchandiser


Turbo Grill rotisserie, 4 Meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions. Rotor for up to 16 chickens (1,2 kg)

The TG 4 cooks chicken and all kinds of meat cuts to perfection, and is ideal for convenience stores, butcher’s shops and deli departments. Despite its versatility, the TG 4 is very easy to operate. Just set the time and temperature and start the rotisserie.

The TG features the combination of convection and infrared radiation for which Fri-Jado rotisseries are famous. This heating process creates a juicy product with an evenly cooked, crispy skin: a real taste experience.

The Space Saver, preparation and presentation on one spot!
The TG-4 is also available in combination with a 2-level self-serve heated display; Space Saver. Download the leaflet or read more about the combination here.


4 double spits, V-spits, baskets or racks
Rotor for up to 16 chickens (1.2 kg) per batch
Controls with manual settings
Easy to operate - set time,temperature and start the rotisserie
Table-top economic choice
Efficient heat transfer reduces energy consumption
Endless possibilities: poultry (parts), pork roast, ribs, lamb, roast beef, pork belly, meat loaf, porchetta and other proteins

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