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Always a spotless rotisserie

TDR 8 S auto-clean

Outstanding food quality: high-speed convection for even cooking and radiant heat for uniform browning
High-speed double loop convection; energy saving technology
Cook Correction and Eco Cooking help you save on energy use and ensure food safety
Doors on both sides - Avoid cross contamination by separating the raw from the cooked area
Cleaning cycle that can be done overnight or during quiet trading hours, saving valuable time
250 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program

TDR 8 S auto-clean

8 meat fork or V-spit positions, 7 baskets or rack positions. Rotor for up to 40 chickens (1.2kg) per batch.

Save time, cut costs and boost your sales with a spotless cooking theatre that offers all the benefits of a traditional Fri-Jado rotisserie. Say goodbye to the laborious task of manually cleaning the rotisserie’s cavity and accessories, as the TDR S auto-clean eliminates this chore, allowing operators to dedicate valuable time to serving customers.

The TDR 8 S auto-clean not only streamlines operations but also reduces maintenance costs. With remarkably low water consumption per cycle and the absence of door seals requiring frequent replacement, it ensures efficiency and longevity. Our rotisserie cleaning tablets are operator-friendly, and the compact dimensions of the TDR auto-clean make it a suitable fit for your store. Featuring an open cavity, it delivers the hallmark benefits of a traditional Fri-Jado rotisserie—crafting crispy and delectable rotisserie chickens that maintain their appealing appearance for extended periods.

Incorporating Cook Correction Technology, the TDR rectifies variations in the cooking cycle arising from half-loads, overloads, or temperature differences in products. By identifying anomalies in the temperature curve and making automatic adjustments, it guarantees food safety and energy-efficient cooking.

The TDR’s Eco Cooking functionality contributes to a 5% additional energy saving, coupled with enhanced heat transfer on products and expedited preparation processes, making it the epitome of an energy-efficient rotisserie with impressive output.

Standardized with doors on both sides for heightened safety, the TDR S adopts a unique pass-through design, segregating raw and cooked products to prevent cross-contamination.

Opt for the optional SmartConnect IoT-connectivity platform to equip the TDR S with Wi-Fi, providing remote access to your equipment fleet with a simple mouse click. This cloud-based IoT platform enhances operational efficiency through features like recipe management, quality and hygiene data, and service management.

If you’re in need of greater capacity, explore the stacked TDR 8 + 8 S auto-clean here


8 Meat fork or V-spit positions, 7 basket or rack positions
Roter for up to 40 chickens (1,2kg) per batch
250 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program
Supplied on matching stand
Automatic cleaning system compatible with Fri-Jado Rotisserie cleaning products
Cleaning cycle that can be done overnight or during quiet trading hours, saving valuable time
Cook Correction detects and automatically corrects abnormalities during the cook cycle
Optional Ventless Hood - Position the TDR anywhere in your store
Optional Wi-Fi for monitoring and recipe management via the cloud-based rotisserie dashboard - SmartConnect

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