Using the right package will guarantee an excellent experience for your customer

We’ve got the whole package to make your food irresistible

Getting the right combination of suitable cooking process, operation procedures, equipment and packaging is crucial to achieve the high standards you want for your customers. You already made the right choice by displaying your food in a Fri-Jado holding cabinet, and maybe you prepared it in Fri-Jado equipment as well, but how about packaging?

Using the right package will guarantee an excellent experience for your customer. The correct packaging will ensure product quality during the holding process by optimum product protection. It will keep the bread soft, the fries crispy and the chicken moist. Which will, in turn, generate repeated sales. Maybe it will even gain social media praise and recommendations!

Wish list
While your customer has an increasing demand for hot food-to-go, they are becoming more environmental and concerned about waste. But they also want convenient and durable packaging that’s easy to eat out or transport, and above it all, they want safety and security. Critical features of packaging for hot grab-and-go are:

  • Provide clear view of the product
  • Easy-to-open and to handle on the go
  • Prevent leaks to avoid messy spills, grease resistant
  • Tamper-resistant
  • No flavor or odor transfer
  • Durable, avoid single use plastics

Besides their wish list you have to think about several things as well. Should the packaging be microwavable and/or ovenable? Is it heat resistant? Are temperatures maintained; can shelf life be extended? Must resealing be possible? Does it contribute to the product presentation; can it be customized with your logo etc? Can it be stored easily and assembled quickly? And what about meal deals?

Overwhelmed? We are here to help
Containers. Pots. Wraps. Boxes. Domes. Bags. Paper. Cardboard. (Bio-based) Plastic. It’s a lot of information. Feel free to contact us for an open discussion about packaging options to go along with the Fri-Jado hardware.

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